Products Wanaka Branch Hyde Sand - A finer sand, used for Block laying and Plastering Alex White Sand - A sharp sand, used for Plastering and Block laying Grey Sand - A sharper sand, Block laying, Plastering Crusher Dust - Paving base, has excellent compaction qualities.                       Sometimes mixed with sand AP 40 M4 Crushed Metal - A certified aggregate ideal for House pad fill                                      to Engineers standard. Driveways & Roading - has great                                      binding qualities. Crushed AP 65 - House pad fill, Driveway base gravel, fill. Screened AP 65 - House pad fill, Driveway base gravel, fill Rubble Large 65 - 130mm - Drainage, Soak holes Rubble 40 - 60mm - Drainage, Soak pits, Rip rap drains & Decorative AP 32 - Builders mix, House pad fill, Driveways Scalpings ( AP 20 ) - great for House pad fill, top layer, Builders mix, blinding gravel 3 - 8mm Aggregate ( Peebles ) A decorative product, ice grit. 13mm Aggregate ( Peebles ) A decorative washed product, Driveways & Paths 20mm Aggregate ( Peebles )-  A decorative washed product, Drainage - Nova-flow,                                            Driveways & Paths McNulty Chip 20mm - Driveways, binds well McNulty Chip 13mm - Driveways, binds well 10mm Shotrock ( Schist ) - A popular decorative cover, ideal for a low                                       maintenance garden, Paths etc 20mm Shotrock ( Schist ) A popular decorative product, ideal for low maintenance                                    gardens 40mm Shotrock ( Schist ) A very popular decorative product, ideal for low maintenance  gardens

Mushroom Compost - Peat, foul manure, lime, partially composted wheat straw. The addition of mushroom compost reduces the bulk density of soil and reduces compaction. This helps encourage moisture infiltration and produces a soil surface structure more conducive to plant growth. The liming effect of mushroom compost is also beneficial to plant growth by increasing the availability of nutrients. PH: Mushroom compost is relatively acid. It has a pH of approximately 5.5. This means that it is suitable for use around plants, such as Rhododendrons, and Azaleas. When dug into the soil, mushroom compost is well suited for vegetable gardens.

Screened Top Soil 12 - 15mm - Mix with compost for garden beds, preparing for new  lawn and maintenance. Mulch Bark B2 12 - 20mm - Decorative bark, suitable for landscaping, bio filters and  playgrounds. Fertiliser ( 40kg bags )                - Lawn Mix              - Cropzeal Summit AG Salt Coarse ( 25 kg bags )  Hydrated Lime ( 20 kg bags )  Cement  ( 25 - 40 kg bags )  Coal ( 20 kg bags ) We can deliver. Talk to us for the details

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Rollover image to enlarge 40mm Shotrock - A locally produced landscaping rock, ideal for low maintenance  gardens.

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