Luggate Branch

Live Stock

Our modern fleet of Volvo stock trucks are of a certified standard and move stock all over the South Island. Our latest 9 axle stock units are H- permitted to carry loads of up to 50 ton.

 - Sheep

 - Cattle

 - Dairy Cows

 - Deer

Fertiliser & Lime Spreading

UCT Luggate have been providing the farmers in the Upper Clutha region with an efficient and reliable spreading service for many years. Our modern 4 x 4 Mercedes Benz spreaders are computerised with precision GPS . The Automatt self unloading trailer enables us to cart up to 22 tons at a time…total efficiency on those larger spreading jobs.

Bulk Cartage   

General Cartage

Wanaka to Dunedin Freight

Luggate           (03) 4438221

With our drop side and bulk units we can provide the bulk transport of..

 - Aggregate

 - Fertiliser

 - Lime

 - Grain

 - Wood Chips

 - Landscape Supplies

 - Milk Cartage

 - Wool Bales

 - Silage Bales

 - Hay Bales - round and    square

 - Containers

 - Posts

 - Timber

 - Other misc.

 - Regular Freight service

Upper Clutha Transport

Wanaka  (03) 443 7833 Luggate  (03) 443 8221